Cast of Characters

Loyalist Packs
  • September Revolution- a group of young college frat boys with popped collars and deep devotion to each other.  One of their fellows, Aaron, was killed by Mario from Los Quatros in an attempt at the Spire gone horribly wrong.
  • Duke's Hazzard's - a former punk band
  • The Lion's Pride
  • The Tea Party - performance artists, mostly Toreador Antitribu and Tzimisce
    Ultra Conservatives
    • Los Quatros - a group of four.  Three Spanish gangbangers and Mario, a thug from the North End.
    Status Quo
    • The Roxbury Girls - a pack of former sex workers who make a steady living providing feeding to anyone who keeps the peace.  They can mostly be found in Roxbury.
    • 13th Crusade 
      • Ductus: Chase Ashford, Pack Priest: Father Erikon, Abbot: Shiloh, Jordan Sinclair, Nigel Osborne, Ella Scarpa, Tushar Alexaviar Euzel Caine, King, Jericho Gray
      • 13th Crusade isn't really Status Quo since each member of the pack believes different things
    • The Commune - Located in the remote woods near Freedom, NH, the Commune is made up of laid back hippies who are known to grow Kaliph, and pull Cainites from the brink of the Final Frenzy back into the light.  Their priest, Sadie has been seen in Boston on several occasions.
    • 7th Day - operating out of New Bedford and Fall River, this semi-nomadic pack has been seen preaching that Caine wanted his children to protect humanity.  Their priest, a homeless looking man with cardboard signs attached to himself has been seen preaching in Boston.